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Key Benefits to Business Coaching

How can you benefit from having a professional coach?  There are many benefits which a person or organization can gain from participating in coaching.  Coaching can strengthen the ability of individuals and groups, including executives, managers and business owners:

  • Maximize resources
  • Generate improved outcomes using a systemic approach
  • Enhance leadership and management effectiveness
  • Create a positive work environment
  • Develop and retain talented staff
  • Encourage "out-of-the-box" thinking and innovation  
  • Identify and overcome barriers that inhibit team cohesiveness and productivity
  • Build a bridge between training programs, new skills, and work performance.
  • Determine technology needs vs. wastes
  • Training and workshops to build core competencies
  • Simplify technology with a Technology Coach

About Business Coaching

By Krista Bloom

What is business coaching?

Coaching is a success-driven model of interacting with individuals (including executives) and businesses to help people and businesses thrive.  Coaching concentrates on the goals, values, needs, and objectives of an individual or organization.  


What is the coaching process? (Four phases to success)

  • First, we do an assessment of the domains , to see  strengths and pain points
  • Second, we brainstorm to make a plan together on what will work based on the needs.
  • Third, we provide support and follow-up to ensure that your plans are implemented.  This may include training on-site and consultation.    
  • Fourth, the plans are evaluated, modified, and followed up as needed.

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