How's Your Sex life? What Is Sex Therapy?


Benefits of Sex Therapy

Learn to talk openly 

  • Enhance your sex life
  • Gain new sexuality information
  • Overcome taboos and struggles
  • Develop your sexual self

What sex therapy IS

  • Sex therapy is a treatment method helping people with their sexuality
  • Sex therapy is an internationally recognized profession 
  • Sex therapy offers successful treatment of sexual disorders 
  • One goal can be  to improve your overall sexual satisfaction
  • Another goal can be to relieve sexual symptoms causing  distress
  • The sex therapist combines psychotherapy with prescribed homework exercises 
  • Sex therapists are recognized as specialty professionals in the State of Florida.  
  • Sex therapists must be licensed and obtain extensive training and supervision in sex therapy to use that title

What sex therapy IS NOT

  • Sex therapy does not involve any sexual activity between clients and therapists
  • Sex therapy does not allow sexual behaviors to take place in the office
  • Sex therapy is not in any way inappropriate, but is respectful and non-judgmental
  • Sex therapy is not imposed, but rather chosen by those in distress
  • Sex therapy does not tell you who to be sexually; giving you permission to be yourself fully!

By Dr. Krista A. Bloom, PhD,LCSW, CHt, FAACS,Board Certified Clinical Sexologist             

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