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Improve Your Relationships with Dr. Bloom

Heal Your Mind

Learn Mindfulness and effective thinking with Dr. Bloom

Do your find yourself up in your head or overwhelmed? Personalized, reality-based counseling can provide you with options and skilled support. Learn to direct your thoughts in a more helpful way so you may achieve what you desire. Learn to quiet your thoughts to a more manageable level

Improve Your Relationships


Learn to communicate better with yourself and others, both inside and outside of the bedroom. With effective strategies and willingness, you can have the relationships you want! Express your needs and learn to create a give-give scenario where everyone wins!

Feel relieved


Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy, Trauma Incident Reduction and other trauma-based approaches to assist in lifting the emotional weight; helping you to feel lighter and free from heavy past experiences.  Did you know that with some guidance you can unstick yourself from the past and feel better? 


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