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Relationship Royal Secret: Prince or Frog? Why You Should Never Forget Her Birthday!

Have you ever wondered what it would like to be a prince for a day? 

Then make her feel like a princess or a queen on her birthday! of the world’s hottest and most talked about couples is Prince Harry and Princess Kate. Recently, they celebrated her Birthday in a big way. But if he forgot, he would have been shown out by a 6-year old at an event who brought her a hand-made card. 

One often overlooked issue that women experience in relationships is not feeling special on their special day. And when they do, they wonder if their handsome prince is really a frog. Sure, you made a nice gesture on Facebook and Instagram, but where are the flowers? Where is the magic? It’s up to you to make her Birthday an amazing day for her, whether you’ve known her for a month or a decade. Shower her with everything she craves and see what living like royalty feels like! 

Here are some princely ideas to elevate her Birthday to National Holiday status:

· Remember her birthday way ahead of time. Put it in your calendar weeks ahead so you end up on her most wanted list, not the dog house. 

· Have some fruit flowers delivered to her work with a sweet message

· Better yet, why don’t you both take the day off and go do something fun?

· Remember the card. We are all suckers for a sweet and carefully picked out card. If you like funny cards, get her two. One romantic, one funny

· Plan ahead for dinner. Make a reservation at her favorite dining spot.

· Make her breakfast. In bed or out, try something a little fun such as homemade waffles with whipped cream and strawberries

· Think of a gift that she would love, not something for you. Perhaps a trinket from her favorite jewelry store (Tiffany anyone?) or a few mani-pedi certificates from her favorite nail shop? 

· Plan an outdoor adventure she would adore. Hiking, biking, horseback, swimming or hot-tubbing, dance class. Whatever her hobbies, offer to go with her. Making a fool of yourself for her makes you very princely!

· Notice her look today. Find something you like today; her outfit, shoes, hair, or her beautiful warm smile. Tell her what you find appealing about her today, or any day for that matter!

· Mind your manners. Put on your most gentle-manly behavior. Pull out her chair, open the doors, ham it up a bit. Treat her like the queen or princess she deserves. 

Remembering special occasions is so important. If not, you may find yourself ghosted, or even worse, unfriended for good. Even if she says it’s no big deal, she’s just being nice. So have fun, live a little, appreciate her and her special day. See if she doesn’t treat you like a royalty in return! 

If your relationship could use a little more fun, communication, or sizzle, call Dr. Krista Bloom for a no-cost initial relationship consultation or to set up a relationship transformation session. Dr. Bloom has been helping others to improve the quality of their conversations and their results for over 20 years. 754-234-6991

   iRelationship Compatibility: How do you know if you are right or wrong for each other?  5 compatibility factors Here are some things to look for when you are dating, so that you can keep your eyes open without getting swept away by chemistry or rushing in too soon:

1. You share common interests: Beginning with an interest in certain sports, activities or hobbies is a great way to connect. It is not necessary to share all of the same interests, but since we tend to spend our free time with our dates and later our mates, it would be grand to find a person who shares (or would like to learn) at least one common activity.

2. You dialogue with a similar mindset: A big factor in whether the two of you will go together depends on your overall thinking and attitudes towards life. As a singles and relationship therapist, it has come to my attention that people who tend to think more optimistically and live in abundance get along much more favorably with those who share their beliefs. At the same time, the pessimists of the world get along famously as well. Mixing and matching in this category usually leads to disaster.

3. You relate in lifestyle: Making important decisions about where and how you will both choose to live is very important. An adventurer is best suited for another adventurer, traveling the globe, camping, etc. At the same time, suburbia is great for some while others really vibe on the hustle of city life. Too many dating couples neglect these discussions about lifestyle, which goes beyond hobbies (though can include them). So if you are getting to know someone, ask about their lifestyle desires.

4. You have compatible relationship goals: Dare to delve into what your ultimate goals are, but of course not on the first date. If this is someone you are seriously considering for relationship material, consider whether or not there is symmetry in your relationship goals. Are you looking for exclusivity, marriage, kids, pets, and other important items? Are the two of you on the same page? These are usually non-negotiable areas which are difficult to get around.

5. There are no deal-breakers in your relationship: Find out what traits, habits, or attitudes are absolute no-no's in your life. List your top 10 and stick to them. Don't waffle on your deal-breakers, because otherwise you are compromising your core values. Focus on your requirements, or deal makers, and stick to those as well.

Remember, your life is your own. The choices you make today and tomorrow will impact your life for days or even years to come. Enjoy the experience of dating, and make it your own. Have fun, and if you dare to be happy and in a healthy relationship, then you will be...

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